What NOT to do while Watching the Orchestra



If you go to see a musical or another concert, you would usually find an orchestra up front creating the music. You can even go to see an orchestra play by themselves in a concert and that is a really great experience. The music played by the people in the orchestra is beautiful but there might be some things you are wondering if you are going to experience this for the first time. The basic rule of the orchestra is just to enjoy yourself and have fun, but it’s also important to show respect. The following is a list of things you should definitely NOT do while watching the orchestra.


  1. Being loud


If you are loud while the orchestra is trying to play, you could well put them off what they are doing. It’s also just an extremely rude thing to do when others around you are trying to enjoy the instruments and shows a lack of respect for the performers. Shouting, singing or playing music on your phone are all ways you could be loud while watching the orchestra and they are definitely things that you need to avoid. Talking amongst yourself should also be avoided, no matter how quiet you think you are being – you could still be a distraction.


  1. Do not take photos/videos


Most concert venues will not allow you to take photos or videos of the orchestra. This is usually down to copyright issues and it can also distract those around you. Another reason might also come down to the fact that the company might want to make their own videos to sell/upload to their Facebook page.etc. You shouldn’t take photos with a camera or on your phone of the performers. Your phone should actually not be on at all when you are watching the orchestra, so just turn it off and enjoy the show.


  1. Try not to arrive late


If you are late to the orchestra, you could disturb others enjoying the concert and the orchestra too when you walk in. Try and leave enough time so that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the performance begins. Obviously, some things cannot be avoided but try as much as you can not be late, or you might not be let in at all depending on how strict the rules are in this particular venue!


  1. Don’t try and be the conductor


Some concertgoers think they know more about music than the orchestra themselves. You should under no circumstances try and be the conductor by throwing your fingers in the air and trying to direct the orchestra. This could indeed distract the performers and make them play wrong. It’s also incredibly annoying to those around you.




It’s important that watching the orchestra is enjoyable for you, those around you and the performers themselves. For this reason, there is certain etiquette you should follow when watching an orchestra. By following the tips that have been mentioned in this article, a great time is guaranteed for everyone involved.